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        Sibel Ayse Halac Iron Works Incorporated is a family owned business founded by Ahmet Halac.

        Started in 1986, as Halac Iron Works, in Washington, DC., Halac Iron Works began with only miscellaneous metals work in an 800 sq. ft. facility. In 1988, they upgraded to a 6000 sq. ft. facility where they added structural steel work to their skill. Ever expanding, Halac Iron moved their shop to the state of Maryland and then to it’s now extensive headquarters in Northern Virginia where it formally became SA Halac Iron Works, Inc.

       With 3 facilities located within blocks of one another, the company has grown into one of the largest integrated multidisciplinary steel subcontracting companies on the east coast. SA Halac conducts all its projects exclusively within an in-house force of expert tradesman, thus providing customers numerous benefits from project’s start to finish.

       SA Halac Iron Works, Inc. continually strives to broaden its levels of expertise.

We support MBE certified companies. Please contact estimating if interested.

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